Seeking Innovative Solutions or Technologies to Improve Skin Health

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Johnson & Johnson Innovation


We bring Johnson & Johnson’s unique perspective as a leading healthcare company together with technology expertise and in partnership with skin experts and dermatologists to create high performance prestige and mass products for healthy skin.

Our innovations include: personalized skin health assessments, treatments for acne and eczema, gentle skin-loving cleansers, moisturizers that repair the skin barrier and rebalance the skin’s microbiome, and sunscreens that protect and defend against inflammation, premature aging, and skin cancer.

We are seeking new technologies that can be accelerated to consumers through co-development with our internal scientific teams, and introduced globally through world-class marketing, manufacturing and regulatory capabilities.


1. Sustainability and Biodegradability

Consumers are becoming more conscious of the impact they have on the environment through daily product usage. We are seeking innovative and novel solutions for sustainable or biodegradable products for the health of consumers and the environment as a whole.

Priorities include: 

  • New packaging solutions related to sustainability or biodegradability.
  • New refilling solution technologies for in-store use to limit packaging usage for consumer.
  • Preservative-free solutions for liquid consumer products.
  • Low skin permeable or biodegradable UV sun care filters.

2. Naturals, Microbiome and Ingestibles

Naturals, microbiomes and ingestibles represent a dramatically new frontier in skin care. We are seeking solutions that provide a vast array of potential targets and mechanisms through which we may harness the body’s naturally-occurring responses to improve skin health.

Priorities include:

  • Probiotics, prebiotics, postbiotics.
  • Ingestibles and supplements with demonstrated efficacy for skin health.
  • Bio-fermentation products related to skin health.

3. Devices

We are seeking a product, service or technology to help consumers tackle today’s toughest healthcare challenges, from innovative devices to digital technologies, and everything in between.

Priorities include:

  • Diagnostics: novel ways of skin assessments and tools that measure, track and visualize skincare attributes.
  • Treatment: devices or new product format that increase delivery or efficacy of traditional topical applications.

Challenges must comply with the following:

  • Should be approved for use/under approval for sale by regulators in China, Australia, Korea, Japan, or the United States
  • Already commercialized or no more than a year away from being scaled up in market