Seeking Solutions or Technologies for Early Detection of Infant/Child Diseases

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Johnson & Johnson Innovation


The first three years of life set a trajectory for health and a susceptibility to diseases that occur either in one’s childhood or adult years. 

As the overall approach to healthcare transitions away from treating chronic disease after it manifests and moves towards preventing disease before it begins, Johnson & Johnson Innovation is calling on innovators to turn their attention to those crucial first years of life. 

We are seeking game-changing health technologies and solutions in the following areas, which will lead to the prevention and interception of childhood diseases and disorders at the earliest stages.


We are interested in an algorithm or AI enabled technology that can predict the probability of early onset of specific childhood diseases such as atopic dermatitis, peanut allergy, celiac disease and asthma in children 1-3 years old.

Priorities include: 
•    The use of consumer-level digital tools/solutions to help parents and caregivers better understand chronic infant skin conditions and detect or predict flares.
•    The use of any combination of genomic, clinical, real world, microbiome, demographic, device, and/or environmental data.
•    In the use of the risk prediction algorithm(s) mentioned above, can we learn about the shared risk factors and disease predisposition between atopic dermatitis, peanut allergy, asthma, celiac disease and type 1 diabetes?
•    The possibility of creating an infant gut metabolome signature for healthy infant development vs predisposition for childhood disease in general, or for the specific diseases listed above.