Seeking Technologies on Building Babies' Resilience Through Immunity

Immune system, Microbiome, Nutrition, Digital, Health



As babies develop from infants to toddlers, their immune system matures day after day in a slow but continuous process. Parents have in mind what a healthy and strong immune system looks and feels like, but signals given by the child can be often difficult to interpret. 

Having a technology that captures indications and symptoms about the baby’s immune system development -- from their very first days of life to their first steps could be of great help to both parents and health care practitioners. It would give them the peace of mind that everything is good with the baby as well as get early-warning signs that can be addressed proactively.


We are looking for solutions that captures the development of baby’s immune system, tracking the signals proactively and providing intervention information / needs in real-time.

Solutions are not limited to any forms.

It can be in the form of digital technologies, physical, or a platform that encompasses the technology. 


Baby's poop, height and weight data.