Seeking End-to-End Solutions to Enable Better Health Outcomes

Personalised nutrition, microbiome, beauty supplementation, healthy aging, mental health



Today, some key trends impacting consumer behavior in the Vitamin Minerals Supplements (VMS) category include the following: 

  • Employing technology to navigate a complex ecosystem - The rise of technology is making it easier for consumers to make more informed choices for health needs when faced with myraid of products in the market
  • Personalization - Technology also helps to provide consumers with more personalised solutions and provides confidence that the solution is efficacious.
  • Food is medicine - There is greater consumer awareness that certain foods provide significant nutritional benefits, therefore reducing the need for supplementation
  • Wellness>Health - Consumers are aware nutrition is just one part of their overall wellness ecosystem.

We are looking for VMS innovations to support the physical/ mental/social wellbeing of consumers (infants, toddlers, kids, mothers-to-be, elderly, etc), and technology that would help these consumers make more informed choices for better control and outcome of their health.


Solutions can fall into any of the following categories:

  • Monitoring and diagnostics technology (consumption, absorption, sensing, intervention, etc)
  • Novel active or functional ingredients with health benefits

Solutions should meet industry standards (e.g., GRAS, ESFA, CFDA etc for supplements). VMS solutions should have compelling clinical data and/or scientific basis for the active ingredients used and claims.

Commercialisation timeline of less than 3 years.


Solutions outside of dietary supplement scope