Seeking Safe and Effective Alternatives for Home and Personal Care Products

Cleaning compositions, environmentally friendly, surfactant system, cleaning efficacy, plantderived ingredients, essential oils, natural and nontoxic ingredients, eco-friendly, transparent, sulfate-free /minimalist Ingredients /natural positioning



We are sitting at edge of the biggest convergence in history on sustainability. Consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, choosing to buy green and clean lifestyle products. 

There is an unmet need for non-toxic, green and clean home and personal cleaning solutions that are both safe and efficacious (germ kill, removes the dirt).

We are seeking solutions that are safe yet effective against germs/hygience protection.


We are looking at formulations, ingredients, format/method of delivery, and prototypes that are

  • Natural/of plant-origins
  • Non-toxic

Solutions are intended for the following uses:

  • Home Care: surface cleaners and laundry additive with germ-kill benefits
  • Personal Care Hygiene: handwashing, showering, skincare

Commercialisation timeline of less than 5 years.