Seeking Technologies for More Effortless Field Force Claiming Process

Expense reporting, Analytics, Process Automation, OCR

PT Global Urban Esensial


PT Global Urban Esensial (PT GUE) is a digital health startup that connects patients with doctors and pharmacies. PT GUE works with different pharmaceutical companies who have more than 2000 medical representatives all over Indonesia. Tracking and reporting of the expense claims by these medical representatives is still very much reliant on manual reporting and submission of hard copies of receipts. It is very labour intensive to consolidate and ensure the accuracy of this reporting, currently requiring about 5 full-time staff. The type of expenses amongst other include entertainment (nominees to be quoted), land transportation, meals, lodging etc. 

PT GUE is therefore seeking for technologies and solutions for a more effortless claiming process, which would enable higher productivity and lower lead times and costs.


The technology or solution should be able to automate the process of manual data entry and upload or submission of expense claims, consolidate and perform data analytics of the data submitted by all field employees. At the same time, the fraudulency of the reporting and submissions should also be minimised; whilst ensuring easy tracking and monitoring from corporate headquarters. The physical paper receipts need to be retained for tax audit purposes.

Possible technologies and combinations of include the following, but not limited to:

  • Barcode Scanning
  • OCR
  • Combined expense entry application and payment system 
  • Digital Receipts
  • Expense Management